Friday, October 15, 2010

Format Text as a Table

Here's a simple tool that lets you format text as a table. Simply enter in tab-delimited text (e.g. by copying from Excel), then press "Create Table".


Header style:
MySQL: outputs using Ascii characters.
Unicode Art: uses unicode chars that makes it look more like a table.
HTML: outputs a normal html table.


  • 2/16/13:
    • HTML table's HTML code output added.
  • 1/13/12:
    • Parse table added.
    • Improved code and layout.
  • 1/1/11:
    • Auto Align: number columns become right-aligned, and headers are centered.
    • Spreadsheet option added: adds letters on top and numbers on the side.


  1. Hi, great work, i was searching very long for such a online solution!!!

  2. cool, thanks, used it for stackoverflow

  3. What a cool app! A generous soul to boot. thanks!

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  5. Started to use these tables into C# Comments :) Thanks!

  6. Thanks for This Great Online Tool!
    How can I download the table output?

  7. Very senseful solution indeed, but how can i copy the code for the table? Thanks!

  8. @democluj: I just added a way to copy the HTML table's code. Hope that helps!

  9. Thanks but I think I could have done that with "Inspect Element" feature of Google Chrome (any way much easy now with copy/paste in two clicks. Thanks!). I was wondering if I could somehow copy the Unicode Art table code to make posts with tables on StackOverFlor for example...I've tried to simply just copy it but it's not right.

  10. Sorry about last post (made me look a liitle stupid)... I just figured it out (for StackOverFlow post). Just put the code copied from here in between pre code here /pre. Put pre and /pre between bracketts.

  11. Wow. it's really excellent. just pasted a quite odd excel table and worked perfect. Even better if it could the exact wiki/markdown markup but i'll fix that with a text editor. Thanks!!

  12. Thank for the work! Just what I was looking for!

  13. This is such a great little tool! Thanks so much :) Definitely saved me some time making my own fancy table

  14. Thanks for this very useful tool. I use it almost every week to make ascii tables for text emails at [Express Sign Products](

  15. Great tool. Shame it doesn't look as good in Notepad text file. Is there a way to fix that? It does look great in NoteTab Pro but most of my users have NotePad.


    1. A great tool indeed! The MySQL output looks fine in Notepad for me. Are you using a fixed-width font? If you are unsure, go to Format -> Font... and select "Lucida Console" or "Consolas" and see if that fixes the problem.

  16. Thanks, this works great!

    Is there any way to specify a column width and have it wrap the text as needed (preferably keeping whole words together)?

  17. Very cool. I forked this for my own needs, I also added Github Markdown to the list of formats:

  18. This is fantastic, thanks!

    btw, you might want to add a note somewhere about unicode requiring UTF-8 for webpages, added by using a META tag and then setting:
        content='text/html; charset=UTF-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'

    ... and that unicode probably won't work on windows without users changing fonts.

  19. dude, this is amazing. exactly what i was looking for! thanks so much.

  20. Thank you for this tool, I found it via stack overflow and I use it often to embed excel tables into source code.

  21. Any chance of getting more than one unicode style? Instead of just double lines also single line and bold single line?
    Sorry for the greediness. :-)

  22. this tool is awesome, thank you!!!

    (Someone please add to notepad++, gvim, etc.)