Monday, August 9, 2010

iPhone Email Image Sizes

When you use the native Mail app to send a picture, it will ask you to choose which size to use. It tells you the file size of the image, but it doesn’t mention what resolution is going to be used. I created a table which shows which resolutions will be used.

iPhone 4 Image Email Sizes

Type Size Format File size Image size
Picture Small JPG (GPS) 30 KB 320 x 239
Picture Medium JPG (GPS) 90 KB 640 x 478
Picture Large JPG (GPS) 375 KB 1296 x 968
Picture Actual JPG (GPS) 2 MB 2592 x 1936
Front picture - JPG (GPS) 120 KB 480 x 640
Screenshot Small PNG 135 KB 213 x 320
Screenshot Medium PNG 522 KB 426 x 640
Screenshot Actual PNG 1 MB 640 x 960

iPad Image Email Sizes

Type Size Format File size Image size
Screenshot - PNG 933 KB 768 x 1024
  • Picture: A picture taken using the rear facing camera.
  • Front picture: A picture taken using the front facing camera.
  • Screenshot: A screenshot taken by pressing the home and lock buttons at the same time.
  • GPS: These images store your current location as part of the image, if location services is enabled for the camera app.
  • Size: The size as it is listed in the resize prompt of the Mail app. The “-“ means that the mail app does not prompt for an image size, and the full resolution is used.
  • File size: These file sizes are approximations.
  • Image size: The image size, in pixels. They are all 72 pixels/inch.

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