Sunday, March 28, 2010

Launching Quix in Chrome via Address Bar (Installing it as a Search Engine)

I just found out about Quix recently, and it reminds me of Yubnub. The thing I like about Quix is that you aren't competing with commands in a single namespace with every other developer as you do with Yubnub. You can define what each command does for you. So for example, gm in Yubnub is defined as a Google maps search. You cannot define gm to mean anything else in Yubnub (e.g. Gmail). With Quix, however, you can.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Portable Apps not syncing to Live Mesh

The PortableApps folder does not get synchronized with Live Mesh because it is marked as a System file. Live mesh does not synchronize system or hidden files.

Finding all PDF documents in Evernote

Here's a quick Evernote tip:

To find all notes that contain a PDF file within them, use the search query: resource:application/pdf.

This can be useful if you want to, for example, create a saved search of all your product manuals. Let's say you tag all your products with the tag called Products, and that for many of them you find a digital version of their manual online (which is virtually always in PDF format) and attach it to the note. You can create a saved search consisting of the query: Products resource:application/pdf and call it Product Manuals.

For more information about the resource filter, see the Evernote API documentation. Application/pdf is the mime type for PDFs. For a list of other mime types, see this excellent reference page.